A quick explanation of the scoring

The Rooster® Optimist Southern Traveller Series will be scored using a high-points system. This means that the sailor with the highest score at the end of the series will be crowned the winner.
The number of points awarded for each event will depend on the size of the fleet at that event. If you win an open meeting with 50 boats you will get 50 points, come 2nd and you will get 49 and so on. If the event has 70 boats, the winner will get 70 points and the 2nd place 69 points. You get the idea.
For an event to count towards the series, it must complete at least 2 races. Beyond that, the number of races or number of days do not affect the score. Most events will use the normal sailing scoring where the sailor with the least points wins. That’s fine, we will convert it to a series score after the event scores are published.
In the same way that you can normally discard races in an event, you can discard events from the series. If all 9 events complete successfully, you will get three discards so your highest 6 events will count. If fewer events are sailed the discards will reduce using the table in the Notice of Series.
For any events that you miss, you won’t get any points so the more events you manage to compete in, the better your chances.

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